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For wallets, exactly the opposite is true compared with women's handbags. Usually, there is no free space left in the handbag, but the wallet could always contain more than what is currently there. We thought we would solve this problem by including leather pouches in our product range. But try to fill it all with the 2 euro coins. We haven't done it yet. How many do you think will fit in there?


Country of origin

Small genuine leather pouch, handmade. The pouch can be pulled out with a leather cord - separate or completed with a plastic Genuine leather purse - made in the Czech Republic
8.55 € 7.85 €
Stylish ladies wallet with glittering star. Zip fastening. Inside, several card compartments, banknote compartments and Wallet with glittering star
13.6 €
Women's metallic wallet with a handy loop. Zip fastening, inside the card compartment and a separate coin pocket. Dimensions: Metallic wallet
15.1 €
Leatherette wallet with star. Patenting. Inside, a small pocket, two compartments for banknotes and several card slots, Wallet with star
14.6 €
Mini wallet with owl picture. The main pocket holds coins and small items. Key carabiner included. Size: h 9 cm, w 12 cm, Mini wallet with owl picture
2.45 €
Women's wallet with 3D doll image. Includes a hand strap and lots of pockets. Size: 9cm, w 19cm, 3cm thick Material: Women's 3D Printed Wallet
7.3 €