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Blouses & Shirts

Do you think you have enough blouses or ladies' shirts in your wardrobe? Certainly there will be some, but still, check out our new collection. We have carefully selected interesting new fashion tips for you. Loose summer cuts and warmer variants for colder weather. What do you like? Do not miss a special sale and discounts. It's valid only for limited stock items.

Elegant ladies blouse with free cut with sewn rubber in the neckline. The sleeves are three-quarter, at the end of the Women's oversized blouse with carmen neckline
24.7 € 34.6 €
UNI size
Stylish ladies polka dot blouse with three-quarter sleeves and V-neck. The bottom hem is elastic, the back slightly Ladies translucent polka dot blouse
25.2 € 35.1 €
UNI size
Ladies polka dot blouse with distinctive frills. The sewn-in rubber can be used to adjust the neckline. Material: 95% Polka dot women's blouse carmen
17.65 € 29.55 €
UNI size
Women's single-colored short sleeve tunic. Strong pockets at the front, lace at the waist. Can also be worn as a short dress. One-color women's tunic with belt
30.25 € 38.15 €
UNI size
Women's striped blouse with adjustable carmen neckline and short sleeves. Button fastening. Material: 95% cotton, 5% Women's striped blouse on buttons
19.95 € 29.55 €
UNI size
Elegant ladies summer top loose fit with sleeves. Clamp neckline. Slightly extended back. Thanks to free cut suitable for Women's oversize top with sleeves
23.7 € 35.1 €
UNI size
Women's, slightly striped blouse with a longer waist. Extended cut - can be worn as a short dress. Material: 60% Striped ladies blouse with belt
27.75 € 41.65 €
UNI size
Women's extended denim blouse with belt. Button fastening. Suitable for spring / summer. Up to 3XL size - suitable for full Women's long denim blouse and oversized
28.75 € 45.2 €
size M size L size XL 2XL
Extended ladies blouse with carmen neckline. With sleeve cuff. Thanks to free cut suitable for full-bodied figure. Material: Ladies blouse with elastic neckline and long sleeves
25.2 € 40.15 €
UNI size
One-color women's shirt with short sleeves. Slightly transparent material. Button fastening. Material: 100% cotton. Ladies' short sleeve cotton blouse for plump
14.6 € 18.45 €
44 38 42 46
One-color women's short sleeve cotton blouse. Extended cut. Material: 100% cotton. Ladies cotton blouse with short sleeves
15.1 € 23 €
size S size M size L size XL XXL
Extravagant ladies loose blouse with oriental pattern. Drawstring at waist. Up to XXXL. Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester. Patterned checkered ladies blouse for plump
14.6 €
size XL 3XL 2XL
Elegant ladies blouse with floral print and ruffles. Material: 100% cotton. Women's cotton blouse with flowers and short sleeves
14.6 € 24.5 €
size S size M size L size XL XXL
Romantic ladies blouse with floral pattern. Button fastening. Material: 100% cotton. Women's cotton short-sleeved cotton blouse
13.6 € 27.55 €
size S size M size L size XL XXL