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Maxi skirts sale

Amazing offer of women's skirts for every occasion. Top 15 best sellers included in the latest collection. Our long, short, elegant and sporty skirts will suit everybody. Are you looking for the retro style? We exclusively bring a collection of vintage skirts with fascinating designs and cuts. Long skirts are the no. 1 hit of the summer season. Thousands of our satisfied customers can confirm this. Cheap skirts and last stock items can be found in the sale.



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Maxi skirts

Welcome to pages full of beautiful skirts almost to the ground. Maxi skirts of high quality cotton, monochrome, flowered and diverse batik variations. Our leisure maxi skirts can be used all year round. Lighter and airier material is pleasant to wear in summer, warmer knitted fabrics will warm you in autumn and winter. Why are maxi skirts so popular? You can easily replace long pants with them, and your outfit looks more feminine. Keep up to date with the latest trends and add a beautiful maxi skirt to your wardrobe.

Comfortable ladies summer maxi skirt made of comfortable material. Decorative cord tape. Single-color design, available in Women's Long Color Maxi Skirt
25.2 € 63.15 €
UNI size
Long ladies skirt made of pleasant cool material. Interesting slimming sample. Also suitable for full-size, available up to Women's long maxi skirt slimming pattern
10.05 € 24.5 €
Single color summer maxi skirt with pockets and belt. Material: 100% viscose. Import: Italy Women's long skirt pockets
25.2 € 58.1 €
UNI size
Auntie skirt with floral pattern. Midi knee length. Material: 100% polyester. Import: Italy Women's half-round ladies skirt floral print
35.1 € 79.8 €
size S size M
Women's Summer Maxi Skirt with Bead Strap. Long length to the ankles. Solid color design. Material: 100% viscose. Import: Single Color Long Women's Maxi Skirt
24.7 € 45.2 €
UNI size
Women's tulle skirt to the knees. Monochrome decorated with lace. Material : 100% polyester Women's midi skirt
20.15 € 35.1 €
Women's elegant polka dot midi skirt with soft ruffles. Knee length, also suitable for full body, available up to 3XL. Ladies polka dot retro skirt longer
10.05 € 17.4 €
size L size XL
Women's summer long skirt straight cut. Decorative cord strap in the waist. Maxi length to ankles. Single-color design Women's Long Maxi Skirt
19.45 € 33.1 €
UNI size
Elegant women's pleated maxi skirt with rubber at the waist. The skirt has a petticoat half-length.   Material: skirt - 100% Ladies pleated pleated long skirt
37.85 € 63.4 €
UNI size
Romantic ladies tulle skirt longer cut. Elastic rubber at the waist. Material: 95% polyester, 5% elastane. Import: Italy Women's tulle long skirt
27.75 € 45.2 €
UNI size
Long knit skirt with decorative belt. Highlighted monochrome finish. The tape type may vary depending on the current offer. Long women's knitted skirt pattern
28.25 € 45.2 €
UNI size
Romantic longer tulle skirt with rubber at the waist. Solid color design. Material: 65% viscose, 35% polyester. Import: Italy Women's tulle midi skirt
25.2 € 39.85 €
UNI size
Polka dot skirt with decorative belt and pockets. Maxi length. Material: 100% linen. Import: Italy Long ladies linen skirt dots
40.35 € 63.15 €
UNI size
Women's folded midi skirt with floral print. Shiny - satin imitation. Zip fastening. Material: 50% polyester, 50% cotton. Women's folded half-round retro skirt floral print
62.9 € 98.75 €
size L size S size M