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Do you already have a comfortable tunic in your wardrobe? Free cut, comfortable materials, and easy combination into a sport or social outfit ensure your comfort. Tunics beautifully hide any imperfections of your figure and are popular with women of fuller shapes. Cheap tunics can be found in ongoing sales.

Women's single-colored short sleeve tunic. Strong pockets at the front, lace at the waist. Can also be worn as a short dress. One-color women's tunic with belt
30.25 € 38.15 €
UNI size
Women's, slightly striped blouse with a longer waist. Extended cut - can be worn as a short dress. Material: 60% Striped ladies blouse with belt
27.75 € 41.65 €
UNI size
Women's extended denim blouse with belt. Button fastening. Suitable for spring / summer. Up to 3XL size - suitable for full Women's long denim blouse and oversized
28.75 € 45.2 €
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Women's blouse with embroidery and three-quarter sleeve. Free cut - also suitable for full body. Material: 100% cotton. Embroidered ladies blouse - for plump
25.2 €
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Women's casual style blouse. The sleeves can be shortened and clipped to the button. Free cut, suitable for full body. Ladies blouse free cut - for plump
19.95 €
UNI size