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Quality and fashionable earrings made of surgical steel. Engage your imagination and choose the right ones. Stainless steel jewelry will not rust, blacken and are anti-allergenic. They do not contain heavy metals. Choose between many types and themes. For everyday wear, we recommend choosing rather smaller sizes, for occasional wear are suitable even more massive earrings. Combine with interesting clothes from our offers, such as formal dresses or women boleros. Cheap earrings for interesting prices can be found in our special sale. Only available in limited quantities, hurry up.

Stainless steel earrings. Clear with colorful reflections Dimensions: length 35 mm, width approx. 10 mm. Earrings steel clip with clear drop-shaped stone
17.65 €
Women's faceted padlock earrings. Color clear. Dimensions: length 35 mm, width 5 mm Stainless steel earrings
17.65 €
Women's earrings made of surgical steel in the shape of cut oval, clear color. Dimensions: length 40 mm, oval length 20 Earrings hanging from surgical steel clear circles
27.2 €
Padlock Earrings Made of Stainless Steel in Light Blue. Dimensions: length 35 mm, width 7 mm. stainless steel clip earrings with blue stone
22.7 €
Ladies earrings cut, in clear color with stone. Material stainless steel. Dimensions: length 35 mm, width 10 mm. Stainless steel earrings with clear stone
22.7 €
Women's Stainless Steel Drop Earrings - Oval. Dimensions: length 33 mm, width 12 mm. Hanging steel earrings oval
27.2 €
Drop earrings - circles decorated with white spirals. Dimensions: length 7 cm, diameter of large circle 36 mm. Women's padlock earrings made of stainless steel
19.65 €
Women's stainless steel padlock earrings with clear stone Dimensions: 5.5 cm long. Earrings made of stainless steel with clear stone
9.55 €
Ladies earrings of rectangular shape with rhinestones. Dimensions: length 28 mm, rectangle width 8 mm. Earrings clips from surgical steel rectangle with rhinestones
20.15 €
Padded women's surgical steel earrings with transparent rings, cut. Size: circle diameter 14 mm. Surgical Steel Clips Earrings Clear Circles
17.65 €
Women's surgical steel clip earrings with clear stone. Dimensions: 40 mm long, 20 mm ring diameter. Surgical steel clip earrings with clear stone
23.7 €
Women's Earrings Clips from Surgical Steel Clear Rhinestones. Dimensions: length 40 mm, circle diameter 25 mm. Surgical Steel Clips Earrings Clear Rhinestones
23.2 €
Double padlock earrings with rhinestones. Dimensions: 5 cm long, 2.5 cm wide Earrings hanging from surgical steel
21.65 €
Small earrings - stones, flower-shaped, in the middle of a pebble. Diameter: 8 mm Earrings stones - flowers
5 €