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Do you have a beautiful outfit for the upcoming event? And are you still wondering what else is missing to be really perfect? The solution can be an elegant stainless steel bracelet. Beautifully manicured nails and shiny steel bracelet beautifully decorate your hands. Thanks to the material used there are no risk of scratching or peeling the surface and the jewelry remains shiny for a long time. Surgical steel bracelets do not rust, turn black and are anti-allergenic. They do not contain heavy metals. Looking for interesting cheap bracelets? Try our special sale of the last stock pieces.

Distinctive bracelet from big hearts. Material surgical steel. Size: length 20 cm, heart width 4 cm. Massive heart shaped bracelet with patterns
10.05 €
Distinctive bracelet from big hearts. Material stainless steel. Dimensions: length 20 cm, heart width approx. 4 cm. Steel bracelet from big hearts
10.05 €
Imaginative stainless steel bracelet, in combination of silver and gold color. Length: 21 cm. Steel bracelet made of large eyes
12.35 €
Stainless steel bracelet in silver-gold color. Dimensions: length 21 cm, heart width approx. 4 cm. Solid steel heart bracelet
12.35 €
Distinctive bracelet made of three locks. Stainless steel. Dimensions: length 20 cm, lock width 4.5 cm. Massive steel lock bracelet
12.35 €
Stainless steel bracelet made of three flowers in silver-gold. Dimensions: 21 cm long, 4.5 cm wide. Distinctive steel bracelet in silver-gold
12.35 €
Decent bracelet made of hearts. Surgical steel. Length: 21 cm. Heart shaped steel bracelet
10.05 €
Leatherette bracelet with rhinestones and decorative holes. Patenting. Length 20 cm. Elegant women's leatherette bracelet
3.5 € 9.85 €
Long flint bracelet. Patenting. Length 41 cm. Women's leatherette bracelet with stones
4.5 € 14.4 €
Beautiful spiral bracelet, combination of pearls and strass stones. Diameter 6.5 cm. Spiral ladies bracelet with pearls
7.3 € 14.15 €
Unusual bracelet, combination of beads, beads and strass stones. Adjustable closing. Original women's bracelet combination of beads and stones pearls
6.8 € 13.4 €
Massive pearl bracelet with pendants - balls and beads of various sizes. The bracelet is flexible - on a rubber band. Wide women's pearl bracelet with pendants
6.3 € 12.65 €
Massive pearl bracelet with balls of different colors and sizes. The bracelet is flexible - on a rubber band. Massive ladies pearl bracelet with balls
6.8 € 14.4 €
Non-traditional spiral bracelet. A combination of cut beads and strass stones. Diameter 6 cm. Several colors to choose from. Twisted ladies decorated bracelet
6.8 € 19.45 €