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Evening dresses

Every woman will certainly choose from our offer of formal dresses. News of this season and sale pieces at super prices. For the demanding, we have added a collection of luxury dresses. Classic and retro designs, interesting cuts, and quality materials. All this is combined in our current collection. Become the star of a Saturday party or upcoming company party.

Evening dresses for formal use. They have a gold-plated buckle at the waist. round neckline case cut small short sleeve upper Festive ball elegant dress
95.45 €
40 42 44 46 48 50
Women's formal dress to the knees with an ageless checked pattern and long sleeves. Elegant look case cut square neckline Sleeveless plaid dress with long sleeves
123.75 €
38 40 42 44
Women's formal dress to the knees with an ageless polka dot pattern and long sleeves. Elegant and fashionable retro look case Polka dot sleeveless dress with long sleeves
113.65 €
40 42 38 36
Retro formal women's knee dress with an unoriginal polka dot pattern. three-quarter sleeve round neckline A-cut skirt Polka dot A-line dance dress with 3/4 sleeves
113.65 €
38 40 36 42
Close-fitting sleeve dress made of non-creased material with a fine baroque pattern to the knees. very elegant style short Evening sleeve dress with short sleeves
118.7 €
38 36 42 44
Women's lace sleeveless formal dress in popular retro style. luxury look retro style stand-up collar buttoning at the neck Evening lace luxury dress
184.35 €
size S size L size XL 2XL
Vintage women's lace formal dress in a popular retro style with a wheeled skirt. luxury look retro style double-layered Luxury lace vintage dress
194.45 €
size S size M size L size XL XXL 3XL 4XL
Short women's formal dress for a festive occasion. monochromatic close fit on the front part asymmetrical slit wrapped Short formal dress with bare shoulders
48.25 €
UNI size
Women's lace dress with tulle skirt monochromatic length to the knees lace with flowers motif to the waist on the front Evening dress with lace
48.25 € 63.4 €
UNI size
Vintage women's black luxury dress with embroidery of roses boat neckline 3/4 mesh sleeve layered rich round skirt tulle Women's luxury formal dress with embroidery of roses
186.35 €
size S size M size L 2XL 3XL
Retro women's dress with bare shoulders black with white polka dots on top and short sleeve décolleté Carmen finished with Women's pin up dress with bare shoulders
95.9 €
size XS size S size M size L size XL 2XL
Women's lace dress monochromatic soft lace on bodice round neckline 3/4 lace sleeve straight cut knee length hidden Evening ladies' dress lace oversized
95.7 €
42 44 46 48 50
Evening women's dress suitable for full-bodied monochromatic water neckline asymmetrically sewn in the waist area with the Evening dress short sleeves
35.3 € 43.7 €
46 48 50 42 52 44
Patterned ladies' dresses round neckline 3/4 sleeve pouzdrový střih knee length flexible, easy to maintain Brown formal dress oversized
30.25 € 48.75 €
44 46