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Look at our top 5 best selling pashminas. Stylish women's shawls in the amazing designs and cuts. Protect your neck and health in cold weather. Choose warm and warm shawls for winter or lighter elegant scarves for spring or autumn. Thanks to stylish pashmina, your outfit can look different every time. What combination do you choose? Cheaper classic shawl, richly patterned pashmina or comfortable tunnel scarf?

Warm hairy scarf. knitted pattern fine highlights fringed ending pleasant material Material: 100% viscose Fine hair scarf
19.45 €
UNI size
Patterned maxi scarf with fringes. great choice of colors many ways to wear Material: 90% wool, 10% viscose. Multicolor maxi scarf pattern fringes
10.05 € 24.5 €
UNI size
Long pashmina with pattern. Great choice of colors. Many ways to wear. Material: 90% wool, 10% viscose. Long ladies pashmina
10.05 € 25 €
UNI size
Long Pashmina with Oriental Pattern. Different ways to wear. Great choice of colors. Material: 90% wool, 10% viscose Patterned ladies pashmina fringes
10.05 €
UNI size
Single color circular scarf, great choice of colors. Material: 100% viscose. Women's single color circular scarf
3.8 €
UNI size
Womens tunnel scarf with polka dots. Material: 100% viscose. Ladies scarf polka dots
6 € 14.4 €
A warm knitted tunnel that tunes every outfit. Many color designs. Material: 100% polyester. Warm knitted women's scarf
3.3 € 12.35 €
Knitted scarf with fringes and delicate glitter. Material: 100% acrylic. Women's knitted patterned scarf
3.3 € 11.35 €
UNI size
Beautiful double-sided scarf-tunnel with fur for cold days. On the one hand a nice fur, the other a fancy pattern. Choice of Women's tunnel scarf ornaments
5 € 16.9 €
UNI size
Warm patterned tunnel with animal look. Women's tunnel scarf animal pattern and fur
5 € 14.4 €
UNI size
Checkered pattern and fringe scarf. Pleasant material, suitable for colder days. Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester Length: Women's scarf checkered retro pattern
3.3 € 8.35 €
Lightweight scarf in one color. Material: 100% viscose. Women's scarf
2.45 €
UNI size
Light scarf with ornaments. A selection of many color variations. Wide range of carrying options. Material: 100% viscose. Women's lightweight ornaments scarf
3.3 €
UNI size
Beautiful scarf with fringes. Material: 100% viscose Beautiful ladies scarf with fringes
2.8 €
UNI size