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Size guide

Unfortunately, clothes sizes vary brand to brand and producer to producer.

How do we ensure your selected product will fit you?

Each product contains precise information about its size and real dimensions. Check always the size of the product and compare it with the size of the product you already wear. For example, do you look for a new t-shirt? Please see the exact dimensions of the t-shirt you have selected. Size chart for product available under the product description (see below example). Measure the t-shirt you already wear and compare it with the dimensions of the t-shirt you like in our store. We highly recommend to do this procedure and not to follow only general size itself. You maybe wear always "size S", but its so general description, that you can never be sure that a t-shirt from a different producer in "size S" will fit you. When you measure clothes, please put it on a flat area and measure its dimensions as indicated on an illustrative sketch of each product. Clothes with fastening (eg. jackets), please measure always in a fully fastened condition. Elastic clothes have indicated a range of dimensions. Eg. dimension 25-35cm means, that in relax condition it's 25cm and in the fully stretched condition its 35cm.

We would like to highlight, that we do not use body dimensions for selecting the right clothes size. This is less accurate compared to our current method, where you compare the real dimensions of clothes you already wear with clothes you would like to buy. 

From our experience, customers, who measure and compare real dimensions of their clothes, return shipment 4x less frequently due to the wrong size!  Please save your time & environment by making short "measurement exercise".  When you are not sure or dimensions of your clothes are in the middle of our 2 sizes, we recommend selecting a bigger size. If the difference is too big, please rather look for a different product.