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Retro backpacks

The unique collection of exclusive backpacks suitable for women and men. Luxury leather backpacks, handmade in Italian family workshops and interesting backpacks from European manufacturers. The hit of this season, however, are retro backpacks combining quality canvas with genuine leather accessories. Precise workmanship guarantees long life. Sports cloth backpacks are also popular. Do you like any? So do not hesitate while they are still in stock! Due to hand-made production, some of our manufacturers have limited production capacity and many models can only reach us in limited quantities.




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This year's fashion season is dominated by a return to the beautiful times of the last century. Retro Fashion is experiencing an incredible increase in popularity. Here we offer classic retro pieces inspired by the best that has been worn in the recent past. For more demanding ones, we also have luxury vintage clothing that will captivate you not only by its appearance but also by its precise workmanship. The retro style of the current season is reflected in the choice of colorful patterns and cuts of clothing. Polka dots, stripes, animal designs, suede, bare shoulders, lace-ups, overalls, high waist, lace, funny prints, neon colors, batik, denim, wide trousers are just RETRO style examples.

Large waterproof waxed canvas roll-top scroll backpack backpack compartment completely lined padded notebook compartment Retro Roll Top Canvas Backpack
120.7 €
Retro backpack made of waxed canvas interior storage with lining padded tablet or notebook compartment, protected by rubber Waterproof vintage waxed canvas backpack
125.75 €
Spacious rolling backpack made of waxed canvas the interior is completely lined reinforced notebook compartment, secured with Large Rol Top vintage backpack
115.65 €
Medium rolling backpack in camouflage waterproof design the inner part of the backpack is completely lined reinforced Army rolling backpack
130.8 €
Waterproof photo canvas backpack in retro style completely lined with waterproof material removable bag for spare camera and Canvas photo backpack 2 in1
145.95 €
Spacious canvas backpack for 2 in 1 interior space without compartments for maximum use with one inner pocket in three parts Travel waterproof canvas backpack 2 in 1
44.95 €
Canvas rolling large backpack with leather details Fashion retro design main compartment with zipping and bend with leather Vintage canvas backpack with leather details
123.75 € 185.85 €
Canvas scroll large backpack with leather details fashion retro design main compartment with zipping and bend with leather Big retro canvas backpack
115.65 € 199.5 €
Large waterproof canvas backpack with leather details retro design main section with lapel and leather strap inside Waterproof canvas backpack in retro design
110.6 € 194.45 €
Large backpack in a combination of canvas and leather retro design material - thicker canvas supplemented with genuine Canvas retro backpack leather details
120.7 € 194.45 €
Canvas large backpack with leather details fashion retro design main compartment with zipping and flap with leather straps Retro canvas leather backpack
110.6 € 164.4 €
Retro canvas backpack with leather details main compartment with zip fastening inside a single space with open pockets larger Canvas leather backpack
95.9 € 159.35 €
Retro big tourist backpack made of canvas with genuine leather details details and genuine leather straps the main Vintage big canvas backpack
85.35 € 159.1 €
Canvas urban backpack with leather details fashion retro design main compartment with zip fastening, flap with leather strap Canvas backpack leather details
115.15 € 174.25 €